(proof this is something the community wants)

  • Collaboration is necessary to achieve a violence free community
  • The community/target population is resilient
  • Our approach is strength-based
  • We have the community assets and social capital to reduce violence and increase healthy outcomes for youth in our community
  • Do what we each do best and leverage the diversity of the Mission District
  • Evaluate and reflect on our efforts
  • Celebrate and share our achievements
  • We are a resilient, dynamic and diverse community with a well-rooted history in SF, adversely impacted by the rapidly changing socio-economic landscape in SF.
  • 4 well attended town-halls with committees
  • Several community peace marches and vigils
  • Community designated representatives to review our historical documents, VP plans, and community input/knowledge to outline a set of priorities and recommendations
  • Successful Mission Summer Gun buy Back
  • CBO’s on-going collaboration
  • Government support
  • Support from Families of victims
  • Support from youth
  • Support from neighborhood residents and merchants